“I’m out,” Msaki’s cryptic goodbye message stirs fans


Msaki’s goodbye message worries fans

Msaki drops a goodbye message to South Africans on Twitter.

The message is perceived to be cryptic as she didn’t indicate who the message is directed to.

The singer expressed appreciation and briefly talked about the painful lessons she’s garnered.

Thank you. Thank you for everything. It’s all been a lesson. A painful one but a lesson. Nothing is really bad. It’s just painful but I’m learning to breathe through pain in real time. So, thank you. That’s all. Thank you for being part of the lesson,” she wrote.

Msaki further revealed that she is out for real this time, and that’s her goodbye.

Msaki shared photos of people who saved her life last year.

Msaki isn’t fond of talking about her personal life, but she recently made various headlines after she got labeled a homewrecker.

Kefiloe Chuene revealed that the singer was having an affair with her husband, Smash Afrika.


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