Rihanna says I’m weird – Msaki


Rihanna’s reaction to Msaki’s song

Msaki speaks about Rihanna’s reaction after listening to her song for the first time.

The SA star was interviewed recently on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill, and she spilled the tea about her life and career.

She’s worked with international stars and she opened up on how Diplo reached out to her.

“I think I missed it for a year and then… I think I posted something about coming to LA and then he wrote on the actual post, and then a friend of mine screenshot that and sent it to me and said, like, ‘are you doing a song with Diplo?’, and I was, like, ‘who’s that?’…”

“I realised he’s been trying to reach out and I messaged him back and I told him I’m coming to LA and we just hung out in Malibu,” she said.

Msaki said Diplo tried pitching her songs to Rihanna and Justin Bieber, but the Diamonds’ hitmaker wasn’t pleased.

“Dude, Rihanna apparently thought my s**t was weird. She’s like, ‘I like this but this girl is weird. What was that lyric?’,” Msaki shared.

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