UV nail dryers used for gel polish might cause cancer, study shows



According to a study published in Nature Communications, ultraviolet (UV) nail polish dryers, which are frequently used for gel manicures, can damage cells and cause cancer-causing mutations.

Two sets of cells were examined in two separate UV exposure circumstances for the study, which was published on Tuesday.

The UV dryers were used on the cell one for two 20-minute sessions with an hour interval.

Cell two with chronic exposure received one 20-minute session every day for three days.

Researchers discovered that three consecutive 20-minute bouts of exposure in cell one to the UV dryers resulted in 65 to 70% cell death. The three-day 20-minute exposure in cell two sessions resulted in 20 to 30% cell death.

The exposure led to abnormalities in the remaining cells that are frequently found in skin cancer.

Professor of bioengineering and author of the study at UC San Diego, Ludmil Alexandrov stated in a release, “The exact identical patterns of mutations that we observed in the irradiated cells were present in the skin C patients we examined.”

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