Ayanda Ncwane owes SARS over R2 Million


Ayanda Ncwane refuses to settle over R2 Million debt

Ayanda Ncwane’s late husband Sfiso Ncwane’s record label Ncwane Communications reportedly owes SARS over R2 million.

The businesswoman took over her husband’s label after he passed away, and she’s been struggling to manage the business due to the debt.

“It is also understood that despite numerous reminders to her of the debt, the bill was never settled,” City Press reports.

She was reportedly given 10 business days in April 2022 to settle the R2 181 060 debt but failed.

“According to the records of the SA Revenue Service, you have failed to pay your tax debt for one or more tax years and/or tax periods. You are requested to make full payment within 10 business days from the date of this letter of demand”, read the letter.

“You may within 10 business days from the date of this letter of apply for any of the following remedies … compromise of a portion of the tax, where this will provide a higher return to the fiscus than liquidation, sequestration, or other collection measures,” the letter from the receiver read.

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