Gugu Khathi’s 4-years assault case affected by loadshedding


Gugu Khathi and Cindy O’Neil assault case postponed in court

Gugu Khathi and  Cindy O’Neil’s assault case in court has been postponed due to load shedding.

The wife of the Durban DJ Tira expressed concern about the delay of the case.

The assault between the two women happened since 2019 and there’s yet to be a final hearing of the judgement.

“Today was meant to be the last day of court, a four-year-long procession. State versus Cindy Oneal, my neighbour.”

”I think you guys remember the story very well. We have been at it for some time now,” Gugu said.

“We were supposed to hear judgement against Miss Cynthia O’Neil. Guys this load-shedding thing. Can you meet us halfway? I can’t. I need results. I need this case behind me. I need to clear my name. I need to move on with my life.” she wrote”


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