Sol Phenduka reacts to reports of releasing a gospel album


Sol Phenduka is shocked by reports of being a gospel artist

Solomizi Phenduka reacts to reports that he will be releasing a gospel album.

The multi-talented star shared the article and reacted with great shock.

He didn’t say much but responded with, “WTF?”

The reports garnered lots of responses as many perceived it to be a hilarious fallacy.

Other musicians, especially gospel artists mocked the report and teased Sol about it.

Sol has released a single but not a gospel song.

Phenduka recently responded to a claim that Msaki might be doing a collaboration with him after the interview on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill.

In response, the presenter said: “God willing. Before the music she’s human. We human. It has to be organic. It will happen if it was meant to. For now we remain decent humans to one another. Not everything is about that, not all relations between musicians result in a collaboration. Only God knows.”

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