10 secrets you can be allowed to keep from your partner



You may have been with a partner for some time and are now considering whether or not it’s time to start disclosing everything you know about yourself, from your first ex to the most private details.

At this point in your relationship, there are some things they should never know about. Even if you think you have become very close.

Keep the following secrets from each other:

1. Keep your private secrets a secret

We all do strange things when we’re by ourselves, which is perfectly normal. a few of these actions; Things like watching TV in your underpants while eating a whole cake should be kept to yourself. Erica Gordon, a love specialist, wrote that such information does not affect your relationship; rather, it kills the romance and mystery of the relationship. As a result, your partner is not required to be aware of it.

2. Don’t tell your partner the details of your sexual history

Talking in depth about your sexual history with your new partner is not the way to go unless you care about your health and know both of your STD statuses. It has absolutely no additional benefits for your relationship. You are free to tell your partner who you have been with in the past, but try not to go into too much detail. Neither you nor your partner will benefit from discussing the specifics of your sexual history.

3. Don’t tell them that you think their friend is hot or cute

You shouldn’t tell your partner that you like any of their closest friends. It’s best to keep this a secret at all times. According to love expert Gordon, being attracted to a friend’s partner without having any sex appeal can be fun. You will have a better relationship with your partner if you avoid such a conversation.

4. Don’t let it show that you still care about your ex

If you love and care about your ex because you once shared a connection with them, it will appear as though you still have that relationship. Telling your partner about this will never be fun. To keep your partner safe, you should never hang out with them or even talk to them.

5. Never say that you like your ex better

You shouldn’t talk to your lover about what you liked best about your previous relationship. It doesn’t matter if your ex-partner had better interests or was more fun to be with — it won’t help either of you. Instead of comparing the two, you should spend more time building on what you learned in your new relationship.

6. Keep your dislike for any members of their family a secret

This is an important but difficult secret to keep. You should not express your love for them or your hatred for them. If they have bad habits, they will probably come to your attention on their own and won’t bother you anymore.

7. Never tell them that your parents don’t like them

This will always cause your partner to behave strangely or even be annoying when they are near them. It is not a good idea to tell them this because it will make them even less likely to love your partner. They will become someone who has no respect for their parents as a result.

8. Don’t tell anyone that you’ve had better sex

This is one of your best-kept secrets. You probably slept better at night with your previous partner. Because they still want to hear that you are the best, you shouldn’t tell your new lover about this. You should put your past behind you and concentrate on building a new relationship and learning how to make your partner a sex god or goddess.

9. Don’t say that you wish they were more successful

Your partner might be working a job they love, but it might not make them rich. Or perhaps you are wondering why they aren’t trying harder to get a promotion. It may occasionally come across as hurtful and unsupportive to express such frustrations. Keeping such thoughts to yourself is always a good idea, especially if your partner has had trouble in life.

10. Don’t tell anyone that you cheated on your previous partner

This should be a secret that only you and your partner know because it will make your partner never fully trust you again. This is because they will view you as dishonest. To strengthen your current relationship, try to keep this from being revealed.

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