10 productive things to do at the end of every month



Months absolutely fly by and it can be hard to keep track of where one month ends and the next one begins.

Creating some structure to really define the end of one month can help you stay on track with your goals and productivity.

Everyone talks about how to start a new month and, while that’s great, there are things to do at the end of each month that are just as important!

In fact, the way you spend the end of your month directly affects how you’ll start the next one!

So continue reading to find out the productive things you should do at the end of each month to have a more productive month after.

1. Review Your Goals

The first thing you want to do is to sit with your goals, reflect on them, review them. Take a good look at what you’ve been able to accomplish and go through them. Assess and review your goals. I made a post on that, be sure to check it out because it’s really important and informative .

2. Make A List Of Unfinished Work

If you didn’t get to accomplish all your goals for the month, don’t fret. Make a list of all the things you couldn’t get done. Found out why you didn’t get them done, were you stressed out, were you lacking motivation, were you overwhelmed with work? Know why you couldn’t complete the tasks and figure out a way to work on them. Again my post on how to review your goals talks about this.

3. Set New Goals

It’s another month, what do you want to get done in the new month? What are the other goals you are hoping to accomplish? Set new goals and come up with action plans for them. If you don’t know how to set goals or how to go about it. Check these out:

4. Think Of A Positive Habit You Want To Establish

You know a negative habit that you have. Why don’t you take this new month to work on them. Change your negative habits to positive ones one habit at a time. If you notice that you procrastinate a lot, focus on being consistent. If you think negative thoughts or have negative self talks turn them into positive thoughts and affirmations. Change your eating habits, always staying up late to chat or watch TV especially when it’s not adding any impact on your life, change your sleeping habits. Change that negative habit that you have and channel them to positive ones. Consciously work on fixing a negative habit you have in the next month.

5. Look For Ways To Improve Yourself

No one is perfect, we are all lacking in something. No one knows it all. Strive to be better and do better in the next month. Invest in yourself, learn a skill, take a course, read a book, attend webinars etc. Continuously strive to be better and improve your relationship with others be it your workers, family, friends, partners and others. Work on your mindset, change your perspective and take deliberate actions to work on yourself.

6. Have A Deep Interaction With Yourself

Look within yourself and ask yourself some deep questions. The life you are living right now is that what you want, are you doing things that can get you there? What are your future plans, what can you do to get yourself to where you have to be?

Ask yourself these questions or any that comes to your mind and sit down, take a book and pen to answer your questions. You might just find the answer you want by looking within and you will definitely have a clearer picture of the things you need to do.

7. Rate All The Areas Of Your Life

Take a pen and paper and rate yourself. Rate the various areas of your life, it could be over ten or over hundred depending on your choice but be honest with yourself for the answers. What’s your spiritual life like, what will you rate your relationship with your partner, family or friends, what will you rate your finances, your health , your academics? Be completely honest with yourself and don’t be ashamed if the score is not good just know that the area needs to be worked on. Doing this will definitely make you better in the next month.

8. Reflect On Your Spending

Hold yourself accountable. Know how you spend your money. You want to reflect on your spending to see if you have the right spending habits, to know what you use your money to do. Reflecting on your spendings can help you save more when you know the areas you need to work on so definitely reflect on your spendings from time to time so you will know the habits to cut down.

9. Count Your Blessings

Be grateful for the opportunity to see the end of the month and the start of another, people lost their lives before the month ended but you are still alive. One thing I’m always grateful for is the gift of life, no matter what I’m going through I believe that as long as there is life, there is hope. So be thankful for life, be thankful for the opportunities you got in the month, whether it’s the new job or the sales of your product, be thankful, count your blessings, it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

You should also list your accomplishments. You might be feeling like you didn’t get any work done or nothing spectacular happened this month but if you think deep something probably did. It might be surviving a sickness or accident or even paying your bills or getting to meet some people so always be thankful.

10. Reward Yourself

Get something you want and need. I believe in setting reward systems for a job well done even if it is for the smallest tasks. Buy that dress, try out that new restaurant, take a vacation somewhere, go out with friends, take a break, buy that thing that you’ve been saying you will buy. Reward yourself with your heart desires, you deserve it.

So there you have it, ten productive things to do at the end of the month to start the next month right.