Miss Pru DJ shares her experience of dating a serial liar


Miss Pru DJ opens up on her experience with her ex-lover, a serial liar.

She revealed that he often lies to her about traveling out of the country, but ends up not leaving the country.

“Once dated a guy who was a serial liar and a tech nerd. He once said he had a business trip to California but my sixth sense was telling me otherwise. He somehow called me with an international-looking number but hai, khona into e-off! One day after he called I drove to ekasi,” she wrote.

“uMjita was chilling at his normal corner laughing out loud, you could see the back of his throat. Yaz I froze. I thought to myself that he’d lie about this anyway no matter how angry I got. He saw my car and I drove off in tears,” she added.

“He calls me the next morning athi he’s just landed, athi he came back early and wants to see me. At this point I’ve cried a river ke jwang! A mess!”


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