Donald eulogises his late dad



Donald is emotional today as he released his Tiki EP today, which is the same day as his birthday.

Taking to social media, the musician shared a photo of his late father whom he’s never seen.

Donald says he dedicates the project to his late dad.

“Tears are running down my face as I write this, but here it goes,” he kicks of his emotional note.

“Today is my birthday but I want to dedicate it to you for giving me life and giving me an identity even your death. Here’s the release of my new EP, I named it after you Papa, the world will now know your name and how great of a man you were.”

“I’ve never seen you with my bare eyes because you left this earth before I could fully develop, but I now carry you and your spirit everywhere I go. I can feel you in me, I know I’m not walking alone on this earth because you got me. Bo Rakgadi always told me that I’m a reflection of you, in more ways than one, you have no idea how that makes me feel, I feel like a man now more than ever before. You’ve made such a strong impact in all of us as your kids, Rorisang, Katlego, Mongo, Staka and I, We really miss you. We love you; I love you Papa and Thank you. Here is your present, it’s called TIKI, That’s you!!!!”


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