Sjava reveals how stopping alcohol helped him


Sjava opens up about the creation of his new album, Isibuko, and how stopping alcohol aided the new project.

Speaking to TshishaLIVE, the singer says his first album was created when he enjoyed being drunk, hence it exuded happiness, but the new album was created from a state of sober.

“In the first album, I never had problems. The only thing I didn’t have was money but I was happy. I was with my friends recording music in the studio that’s why the album itself is so free and happy. Then came fame, money, wrong deals, and other things, and that channels your music in a different direction,” he said.

Sjava has stopped alcohol in other to help him focus.

“I decided to stop drinking. I don’t think alcohol is the problem. I think the person is the problem because there are so many people who drink who don’t do bad things, but if you do drink and do things that are out of line that means you have to stop drinking. I couldn’t handle my alcohol so that’s why I decided to stop and that really helped me as an artist because I was able to focus on what I am doing.”


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