AKA starts a WhatsApp community for his fans


AKA launches a WhatsApp group for his fans, the Megacy

AKA creates another medium to bond and interact with his fans, the Megacy.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper said a community has been established for his fans, and he shared the contact by which they can join the group.

I’ve set up this Whatsapp hotline, so we can all stay updated on the latest album news, tours & everything MASS COUNTRY!! Let’s go!!! Save this number, shoot me a text, and let’s take it to the next level.”

AKA is set to use the WhatsApp group to promote his forthcoming album, Mass Country.

Looking forward to interacting with you on the MEGACY. HOTLINE as we roll out MASS COUNTRY … I’ll be doing video calls, chats, exclusive snippets and all things great as we move towards the 24th of Feb. Chat soon!!!”

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