How to buy fresh prawns and shrimps



Craving for a sumptuous seafood feast?

But find it really difficult to pick the best of prawns and shrimps from the market, then we have got your back with some super simple tips that will make your selection super simple.

Just follow us through some simple tips and tricks to check the freshness of prawns and buy the best.

Why is it important to check prawns and shrimps?

Culinary experts often suggest proceeding with caution, while buying seafood and especially prawns and shrimps. This is due to their veins that carry some of the waste and may pose several health hazards and severe allergies when consumed. Thus, it is essential to always check for their quality and freshness.

1. Mind the head

Yes, prawn heads add a crispy texture to the dish, but culinary experts always suggest checking the head of the prawns and shrimps as they spoil faster as compared to the rest of the body. Make sure that the prawn head appears clean, strong and firm, this indicates that the prawn and shrimp are fresh.

2. ​Appearance

It is important to check the appearance of shrimp and prawns before buying. If the shell, head and body of the prawn looks firm and tough, then you can be sure that the prawns and shrimps are fresh. However, commercially packaged or frozen prawns/shrimps often have soft shells, loose legs and a mushy texture, which indicates that they are old.

3. Avoid slimy texture

If the prawns and shrimps have a mushy and slimy texture, then it is best to avoid them as it is an indicator of stale and old prawns.

4. Smelly

It is better to check for the smell before you buy, fresh prawns and shrimps have a fresh sea like smell, but if you smell something pungent and fishy from the packaged shrimps and prawns it is best to avoid them.

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