Minnie Dlamini takes a break from TV


Minnie Dlamini says she’s taking a break from appearing on TV.

Speaking to Zimoja, the star says she is focused on working behind the scene and growing her production career.

“The shows I have been offered don’t make sense to me, hence I am taking time off to focus on my company. “I have been writing and submitting shows, and it is too early to divulge more at the moment,” she adds. Minnie says she is not officially resigning from appearing on TV yet, but now, her passion is in writing and production. She says: “When the rights how come along, I will do it for sure.

Recently, Minnie shined on a magazine cover alongside the veteran actress Connie Chiume, but it didn’t bring Minnie applauds, but condemnation.

Critics says there are young actors and actresses who can take the place of Minnie on the cover.

Reacting to the hate and criticisms, she said, “I feel sorry for people who feel the need to be nasty for absolutely no reason in social media, like who hurt you do you need a hug coz life moves on and you stuck with all the nastiness in your aura.”

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