Tipcee reportedly suffers after dumping Afrotainment


Tipcee in mess after leaving DJ Tira’s Afrontainment

Tipcee is reportedly suffering after leaving DJ Tira’s Afrotainment record label.

The Gqom vocalist was said to have left the label due to the disregard exuded at her.

Tipcee left because she wasn’t feeling appreciated, and she wanted to teach them a lesson. She felt she was invisible, and she could do it on her own, forgetting that the music industry is not easy,” a close friend tells ZiMoja.

The singer left the label in 2022 to be an independent artist, but she’s been struggling.

“It’s very difficult to get bookings and worse if you are not in Tira’s corner.”

“She is now learning how much admin goes into building an artist and how much costs are involved. Yes, she might be seeing all the money from bookings, but the bookings are few and far between,” the friend added.

It was also reported that Tipcee is having a financial crisis.

“People are starting to talk about her borrowing money from friends and family. She doesn’t have a cent, she is borrowing R2000 from people. I am worried because when she was good, she took care of people and gave them money but now that it is her turn, people are quick to gossip about how she is borrowing money. She is a mom after all and needs to keep her dignity intact.”

DJ Tira confirmed her departure to the aforementioned publication and further labeled the singer his sister.

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