Sonia Booth launches brand of cheesecake products


Sonia Booth created a Cheesecake brand

Sonia Booth turns lemons into lemonade as she launches her brand of Cheesecake product.

In November 2022, the businesswoman revealed how her husband Matthew Booth was having an extramarital affair with a married woman.

She further revealed how he made cheesecake for the mistress instead of their son who was marking his birthday.

Sonia also met with the mistress’ husband and she asked him to return the Tupperware that Matthew had used to store the cake and she put it on the floor in the garage where Matthew parks his car.

The cheesecake and Tupperware made were highly talked about on social media, and it became a joke.

However, she’s turned the jokes and talks into something profitable for her.

“The Cheesecake scenario trended for days. The first time I went out in public I heard a group of teenagers whispering ‘cheesecake’. I couldn’t help but laugh,” she says.

“They started clapping for me. It happened the second time when a group of adults asked me ‘where is the cheesecake?’ A friend also told me back in November that cheesecake at stores was selling out because of my story.”

The jokes inspired her to create her own brand.

“I was either going to get annoyed by people whispering or shouting ‘cheesecake’ or ride the wave and make bank. The entrepreneur in me decided to make the best of what could have easily buried me in the sand,” she tells Zimoja.

Speaking about her divorce, Sonia says she filed for divorce last year in November, but they are yet to reach a settlement.


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