5 ways on how business can cope with load-shedding



As Eskom has told us that we need to learn to live with load-shedding for a while, I think it’s time people stopped complaining and start looking for solutions on how to cope especially businesses.

If you are running a business, take a look at the following ideas that will help you not allow load-shedding affect your businesses.

1. Get to know your schedule

The only good thing that ESKOM is doing is telling us when the electricity will go off and thankfully they are sticking to that schedule. So you need to know what time the electricity in your area will go off to help you plan accordingly.

2. Get yourself a second source of energy

You might want to consider buying a generator to help you when the electricity is out. Especially for small businesses it is a good investment.

3. Maximize retail space

If your business is in retail area like a mall, take advantage of that and share a generator with other stores so that you can divide the expenses.

4. Cash up as soon as you can

If you don’t own a generator don’t wait until you are closing to cash up to avoid handling cash. You can also encourage your clients to use bank cards instead of cash.

5. Stay open for longer hours

If you don’t have a generator , you can maximize on your sales by staying open for longer hours to get gain back some of those sales lost during load shedding

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