Why cooking together might be the best date idea



Going out to dinner or catching a movie are fine and all, but they’re not exactly the best way to get to know someone.

Assuming you’ve gone out a few times and know you’re not going out with a serial killer, why not plan something a little closer to home?

Cooking together on a date is a solid idea with plenty of benefits. Here’s why you should consider it.

Why cooking together is such a great date idea

  1. Shared activities help you bond. If you’re trying to get up close and personal with someone and create a more intimate vibe, cooking together is a great date idea. Working together to create something delicious is rewarding AND helps you bond. It’s a win-win.
  2. You can impress each other with your kitchen skills. Are you a great cook who’s super innovative and makes delicious meals? This is your chance to impress your date. You might even impart some new skills on them, so they can cook for you next time.
  3. You get to try new cuisines together. Cooking together on your date is a great opportunity to be more adventurous. Why not choose a cuisine you wouldn’t normally eat if it sounds yummy? Not only will it be a challenge if the recipe is intricate, but it might expose you to some tasty new food.
  4. You can share your favorite recipes. Sharing your favorite recipes with your date can be a great way to get to know each other’s tastes and preferences. Maybe you have a dish you grew up eating or a recipe that was passed down from your great-grandmother. This lets you get to know each other and what you’re all about on a deeper level. Isn’t that what dating is all about?
  5. You’re creating something together, which is pretty sweet. Cooking together is a collaborative activity that allows you to create something together, which can be very rewarding. Again, this is a great bonding experience.
  6. It builds trust. Working together in the kitchen requires trust. You have to believe they’re not going to put salt instead of sugar in a recipe or that they know when to turn over a steak so it doesn’t burn. If you’re a foodie, you know what a big deal this is.
  7. It improves your communication skills with each other. Cooking together requires good communication skills, which can be beneficial for any relationship. While it can be challenging at times, especially if you’re on different skill levels, it’s a great exercise for your relationship.
  8. It can actually be pretty relaxing and fun. Cooking together can be a fun and relaxing activity that allows you to let your guard down and enjoy each other’s company. It doesn’t have to be super serious or high-pressure. At the end of the day, you just want to eat something tasty and have a good time together.
  9. You get to make memories together. Imagine you actually end up in a relationship with this person long-term. In five years, you’ll likely look back on this date and think what a great time it was in your early dating life. This is especially true if you make a particularly delicious meal.
  10. It’s cheaper than going out to eat. Cooking at home is usually much cheaper than going out to eat, so cooking together can be a great way to save money while still having a great time. Let’s be honest, cash is tight for most of us at the moment, so this is a definite plus.

What are some easy meals to cook with your date?

You don’t want to go over the top in trying to pick technical recipes that take hours to make and require hard-to-get ingredients. Instead, go for something simpler and more accessible.

  1. Pizza: Everyone loves pizza. Plus, making it from scratch can be a fun and interactive activity. You can each choose your own toppings and create your own personal pizza if you want. If you’re pressed for time or simply not confident making dough, you can always by a pre-bought batch. However, it takes very little time and very few ingredients. Just make it!
  2. Pasta: Cooking pasta together can be easy and satisfying. You can make a simple tomato sauce or try a more elaborate dish like carbonara or pesto. If you’re really feeling adventurous (and you have the equipment), you might even try making the pasta from scratch. Talk about impressive!
  3. Stir-fry: Stir-frying is a quick and easy way to cook up a delicious meal. You can choose your favorite vegetables and protein, and experiment with different sauces and spices. You can buy pre-cut veggie mixes that you just throw in the wok, as well as pre-made sauces. However, that’s cheating. Take your time and do it all yourself. There are plenty of super simple stir fry recipes out there!
  4. Tacos: Tacos are a fun and easy dish to prepare together. Make your own salsa and guac, choose hard or soft shells, and really go for a full spread. Just go easy on the spices a bit if you’re planning on getting intimate later. You know what I mean here.
  5. Salad: Making a salad together can be a healthy and refreshing option. You can choose your favorite greens, vegetables, and dressings, and experiment with different flavor combinations. Of course, this doesn’t count as “cooking,” really. You should probably add this as a side dish to another meal. Maybe to lighten up the pasta?
  6. Grilled cheese sandwiches: This is a classic comfort food that’s easy to make and customize. You can each choose your own bread and cheese, and add your favorite extras like bacon, avocado, or tomato. Admittedly, you should only choose this if you’re both terrible at cooking. Otherwise, go for something a bit more labor-heavy.

Is cooking together romantic?

Cooking together as a date can be romantic, of course. It allows you to spend quality time with your partner, share a meaningful activity, and create something together. Preparing and enjoying a meal together can even be a sensual experience (yes, “sensual” is a bit cringe-y, but go with it) since it involves the senses of taste, smell, and touch.

It can also create a sense of intimacy and closeness, as you work together in a shared space and communicate with each other. Whether cooking together is romantic or not largely depends on how you set the evening up and how you want it to play out. With the right ambiance and attitude, cooking together can certainly be a romantic date idea. However, if you want to take the pressure off and make it more lighthearted, that’s certainly possible too.

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