6 fashion errors to avoid when slaying



The first impression they say is the last, hence appearing well organized and put together should be a daily lifestyle.

Know your personality and dress to fit it, and keep it clean and simple to avoid these fashion mistakes.

These errors will spoil all your efforts to look great despite investing time and money.

Dressing how you want to be addressed is a fact. We all say ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but looks matter a great deal.

Looks contribute to how people perceive you against their will. So make sure your appearance is congruent with your self-image and how you want people to interact with you.

This means taking care of details and fixing errors that may sabotage your look, especially outside your clothing.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid that make you look cheap.

Wrinkled clothes scream ‘just got out of bed’ and I don’t have a flat iron. Wrinkled clothes can be seen from a mile away and no matter how expensive the clothing or labels, you will look cheap.

The issue with trendy outfits is that people know how far ago you bought them. On the other hand, keeping up with trends can be expensive and risky. So if you are not ready to keep up with trends, get clothes that will not lose relevance with time.

If you have trouble putting together colors, try mixing different articles of different shades of one color. Otherwise, bright colors should be matched with neutral colors or mute colors. Sometimes wearing bold colors may not necessarily work, always consider the occasion, place, and time for such bold statements.

You risk coming off obnoxious and trying too hard to impress or lacking a fashion sense.

According to renowned stylists, you should only show off one body part per outfit. If you’re showing off skin in the upper body, your legs should be covered. If you want to show off your legs, make sure your upper body is covered.

If you don’t have time for a manicure, leave the polish. It will look messy and draw more attention to your hands. Opt for colorless polish when you are running late on a manicure or pedicure.

Follow the rule: hygiene over decor.

Dirty, scratched, torn, faded, and dyed shoes will always come off as untidy and cheap. Shoes are major outfit toppings despite being below. Just as a nice pair of kickers will draw attention and compliments, a bad pair of shoes will immediately undermine your outfit and look.

NB: Invest in good quality shoes, when your feet sparkle the outfit shines, take note.

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