Dr Qwabe receives massive love after being reported for misconduct


A South African doctor whose name is Qwabe has stolen the hearts of many with his social media content.

The Dr trends on social media after some critics reported him to higher authorities, with claims about not conducting himself as a doctor who saves lives.

Some people were offended by his lifestyle which he exudes in the content shared on social media.

A few people defended him on Twitter over the weekend, but when evidence of the report surfaced on social media, the defense grew stronger and it has Dr. Qwabe trending on social media.

Some people have petitioned for a reality show from the doctor.

Dr Qwabe is just giving social media content,he is more of a comedian on tik tok then he is a Dr… we see past the medicine qualification,we see an entertainer ..we are smart enough to separate the two,if he was giving out employee files during his comic acts then he is wrong,” a tweep wrote.