“Robot Boii has lost many people close to him,” Mzansi concerned


Robot Boii mourns

Robot Boii trends following Costa Titch’s death.

The entertainer paid an intimate tribute to the Big Flexa hitmaker who died after slumping on stage during a performance on Saturday.

Quoting Titch, Boii wrote, “After this, I’m gonna do Music & I’m gonna be an Artist”

 “You said it and you did it…from being a Dancer to a Super Star Thank you for taking it there Prayers go out to the Family & TITCH GANG,” he added.

Twitter users expressed concern about Robot Boii who has lost lots of friends in the past 3 years.

The friends include, Killer Kau, Mpura, Riky Rick and the latest is Costa Titch.

Robot Boii has lost so many people close to him and those he grew up with. This boy has been through tough times dealing with traumatic loss, we must give him hugs when we see him,” a tweet reads.

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