5 amazing health benefits of Zumba we bet you didn’t know



Zumba is a form of exercise which is quite similar to dancing.

It involves moves which are taken from dance forms such as hip-hop, samba, belly dancing and salsa.

While most of the moves that are involved in Zumba are pretty simple, the form of exercise can be great for weight loss as well.

The exercise can be followed by beginners with ease. For people who find the gym way too tedious, Zumba is something which is easy to learn and is also very fun and exciting.

Following are a few health benefits of Zumba you must know

1. Zumba improves heart health

Cardio exercises are great for your heart as they elevate your heart and breathing rate to pump blood throughout the body. Zumba, being a cardio exercise, is good for heart health. The workout involves moves which help in strengthening of heart muscles. Regular Zumba can be effective in keeping heart diseases at bay.

2. It helps in losing weight

Zumba proves to be an amazing form of exercise which can help in losing weight. The fun aspect of doing Zumba is that it is an extremely enjoyable form of working out. It involves rigorous moves which can help in shedding those extra calories. Studies say that the calories that you can burn while doing Zumba are quite similar to the calories you can burn by biking at a more than average speed. Zumba is a great from of moderate-intensity exercise.

3. Zumba improves functioning of the brain

Researchers believe that Zumba can bring a significant improvement in your cognitive skills. People who practice Zumba regularly have reported to become better at memory and decision making. Zumba is thus, a great exercise for the brain as well.

4. Zumba energises you

As mentioned above, Zumba works wonders for those people who want to have fun while working out. It refreshes your mood and makes you feel happy. People who practice Zumba regularly have been known to feel more energised and strong than before. The form of exercise shows great improvements in aerobic fitness and muscular development. It is also a great form of exercise which relieves stress and anxiety.

5. Zumba improves strength

Zumba is an exercise which involves constant moving. It requires a lot of effort from the abdominal and lower back muscles. Zumba helps in toning and tightening of the body. It improves strength endurance and stretches your muscles. It helps in improving body balance and posture while moving.

Word of caution

While health benefits of Zumba are many, people with heart diseases, blood pressure problems and osteoporosis should be careful while taking up the form of exercise. The exercise involves constant switch from high intensity to low intensity. It is an exercise which is designed in a way that it burns more calories and improve the body’s flexibility.

Hence people with heart ailments and blood pressure should consult their doctors before taking up a form of exercise which involves high-density movements.

People with problems related to the bone must too be careful while taking up Zumba since it can involve some fast-paced moves.

Things to keep in mind

1. If you are planning to take up Zumba, make sure that your hydration levels are maintained at the optimum level. High-intensity moves of Zumba can make you sweat feel thirsty.

2. For doing Zumba correctly and efficiently, it is important to wear the right kind of shoes. The shoes should have a good grip and memory foam which allows you to switch moves with ease.

3. One place where most people go wrong is pushing themselves beyond their stamina. Challenging yourself during exercising is good for getting effective results for weight loss, but only to the extent that your body is allowing it. Pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone can result in unwanted injuries and unbearable pain in the muscles. Relax and enjoy Zumba as much as you can. That’s what the exercise if meant to do!