Bujy seeks Boity’s forgiveness


Bujy regrets attacking Boity

Bujy Bikwa is pleading for Boity Thulo’s forgiveness.

Speaking to ZiMoja, the TV presenter says he is full of regrets about the incident which took place in 2021.

He says attacking and assaulting the businesswoman has cost him his peace as he now suffers depression.

Since he got Boity’s face bleeding,  people have distanced themselves from him.

“Nobody wants to be associated with me anymore.”

“With the restraining order she has against me, I can’t reach out to her. Most people who know the two of us and can play the role of peacemakers, do not want to intervene. They would rather stay away instead of helping me out,” said a disappointed Bujy.

“The incident has really affected me badly, I am currently on depression treatment, and undergoing counselling,” he said.

“I have suffered tremendously. financially, emotionally, and personally I am drained, “he revealed to the publication.

Bujy has been looking for a job but all he gets is a disappointment.

“It’s radio season and I can’t even get a job because of the dark cloud hanging over me. But at the same time, I don’t want this phase to dim my talent,” he added.

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