Riky Ricky, AKA, Costa Titich: SA remembers the “Nkalakatha” remix stars


Nkalakatha remix stars have bid goodbyes to this world through their deaths.

These deaths stirred lots of people as the three rappers are still at the prime of their careers.

Losing these musicians in a space of one year confirms the existence of a dark cloud over the South African music industry.

Death has aroused several questions in the minds of the colleagues left behind; as it appears that one death keeps calling unto another.

Riky Rick died in February 2022 after taking his life due to years of battling depression.

AKA also died in February 2023 after he was brutally killed in Durban via a gunshot.

Costa Titch collapsed on stage while performing at Ultra Music Festival at the Nasrec stadium.

Costa’s death reminded people of how the three artists on a song all died in a year.

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