5 household chores as good as full-blown workouts



In today’s age, even your favourite celebrities are devoting their time to household chores.

People are happily posting pictures and videos of themselves brooming, mopping, or cleaning ceiling fans. Who would have thought?

Any and all physical activities require energy, which your body gets by burning calories. Hence, the more you move, the more calories you’ll burn.

You’ll be surprised to know that household chores help you burn more calories than you think. Plus, flexibility, stability, and strength are also up for grabs.

That’s why we have these five household chores that you must do to burn those calories:

1. Mopping

Ladies, never underestimate the power of mopping and no, we aren’t talking about those fancy standing mops. For better results, do it the old-school way with a rag and a squat-crawl movement. It’s a great workout for your legs as well as for your core. Plus, it will keep your arms in motion.

That said, please keep these few things in mind: your core should be tight throughout. And do a full squat instead of a half one to avoid soreness.

2. Gardening

It’s not just therapeutic but super healthy too. There are many studies that say gardening as a hobby can boost your mood and relieve stress.

But here’s the thing: when you’re moving things about in your garden, squatting and pulling out weeds, or lifting pots, you’re engaging multiple muscle groups. Gardening offers a unique chance for you to incorporate squats in your daily life. And we know just how beneficial those are!

3. Kneading dough

If you don’t have dumb-bells at home, doing arm exercises can be tricky. But worry not and head straight to the kitchen and make some roti. No, we aren’t kidding. Knead some dough because it engages muscles in the forearms and biceps.

4. Wash your car

Did you know that washing a car is a full-blown cardio workout and it can offer great results for your arms? In fact, if you give it your best, you can burn around 234 calories in just one hour by washing a car. Get your kids to help out. It’s a great summer activity for the whole fam!

5. Wash your clothes by hand

Doing laundry is a full-body workout because you end up lifting water buckets, moving your arms to get the grime out of your clothes, wringing the water out, and then drying them. A lot of movement happens here and the energy that’s required to do this household chore is immense. In fact, you might even end up burning around 116 calories in an hour this way.

So, even if you have skipped your exercise routine today, don’t fret. Just make these household chores a part of your life!

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