Thuso Mbedu and Jonathan Majors spark dating rumor (Video)


Are Thuso Mbedu and Jonathan Majors dating?

Thuso Mbedu and the American actor Jonathan Majors sparked rumors of being in a romantic relationship.

Photos and videos of the two actors being mushy at each other in public have surfaced on social media, and it has the South African star trending.

A few months ago, Thuso was rumored to be dating John Boyega who is an American actor, but the rumors got silenced after they ended the tour for The Woman King film.

Now that Jonathan and Thuso are all over the screens, holding hands and gushing over each other, it’s been suggested that the two are in love despite Mbedu’s mention of being best friends with the international star.

Some social media users have urged the two stars to deliver a romcom.

See the videos and photos that got people talking.