Here’s why every diabetic should have an aloe vera plant at home

by bukky Mar 15, 2023

Aloe vera is known for its various medicinal and therapeutic properties and is also an excellent natural remedy for people suffering from type II diabetes, especially for the ones who suffer from hyperglycaemic kind — a condition wherein a person has increased glucose level in the blood.

In such a condition aloe vera helps to metabolise sugar and control it.

Precisely, the leaf of aloe vera is beneficial for keeping the condition in check alongside proper diet and medication.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants that make it nature s own remedy to treat diabetes.

1. It reduces blood sugar levels: A study done on mice showed that five types of phytosterols found in aloe vera gel (the extract from the leaves), when taken continuously, reduces fasting blood glucose levels drastically. It also showed a significant decrease in the HbA1c test, a blood test done for diabetics. This test indicates how much glucose is present in the blood for over a period of three months.

2. It lowers cholesterol: Diabetes is known to be a major risk factor for heart diseases. The condition is also notorious in hampering lipid metabolism that gives rise to bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and lowers good or HDL cholesterol. All this collectively increases your chances of a heart condition that could be fatal. But studies show that aloe vera gel has the capacity to lower bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides by protecting the heart and other major organs from damage.

3. It improves the functions of liver and kidney: Apart from the heart, diabetes also affects the other major organs in the body like the liver and kidneys that are responsible for bile metabolism and excretion respectively. Using aloe vera gel from leaf extracts help to reduce oxidative stress and damage to tissues in the liver and kidney. [

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