Prince Kaybee speaks on how artists’ death causes unemployment


Prince Kaybee mentions people who are affected by an artist’s death asides from the family members

Prince Kaybee opens up on the unemployment that happens following the death of an artist.

Death has been on a rampage in the music industry over the past months and most people are always concerned about the family the deceased leaves behind.

Taking to Twitter, Kaybee decided to open people’s eyes to people who also suffer from artists’ death asides from family members.

“When an artist/ musician dies, falls off or decides to quit, there is a chain off unemployed bunch that will add on to the unemployment chain. Road Manager, Booking agent, Promoter, Make up artist, Stylist Manager, A&R (if independent) Dancers,” he wrote.

“The list of people/ titles mentioned do also hire people in their lives, so its a longer hand than it seems,” he added.

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