5 interesting ways to eat yogurt for weight loss



Weight loss isn’t an easy process, nor does it happen in a day or two.

Exercise helps reduce extra calories; however, maintaining a balanced diet is equally important and helpful.

For effective weight loss, adding yogurt to your dietary chart can yield satisfactory results.

Benefits of yogurt for weight loss

Yogurt is a great source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, among other important nutrients. By managing the digestive tract and avoiding bacterial infections, these all contribute to maintaining gut health. Yogurt can also help you feel full for a longer period of time and aid in weight loss because it is low in unhealthy fats, rich in fiber, and contains few calories. It should unquestionably be a part of your summer diet because it is hydrating and cool in nature.

Being a delicious ingredient, yogurt can be experimented with other ingredients or foods to achieve an ideal weight loss-supporting diet.

So, here are 5 yogurt-based habits that can jumpstart weight loss:

1. Add chia seeds

Chia seeds are an excellent nutritional ingredient that can help reduce stubborn belly fat. It has a plethora of nutrients including fiber, iron, potassium, salt, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin C. You can combine this with yogurt in porridge, fruit bowl, smoothies, etc. To prepare a smoothie, blend fruit, milk, yoghurt, and a little amount of chia seeds in a blender until smooth. Top up with extra chia seeds and enjoy!

2. Include fruits in yogurt

When you’re searching for something quick, tasty and even healthy, fruits are your best bet. They not only aid in weight loss but also better overall health. Even if you have a sweet tooth, combining fruits with yogurt is the best choice. Just cut your favourite fruits and top them with yogurt. Apples, kiwis, bananas, guavas, pomegranates, watermelons, etc. are among the fruits we advise. That’s it, your fruit-laden curd bowl is ready. This is the ideal bowl for weight loss because it is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

3. Give yogurt a granola boost

Granola contains a sufficient amount of soluble fiber, which helps lose belly fat, and can be incorporated with yogurt as a perfect low-calorie filling healthy snack. By including honey, agave nectar, fruit, hemp seeds, and chia seeds, you can simply alter your bowl and make the ideal mixture! In less than 5 minutes, you’ll have a bowl of nutritious, delectable delight to start your day. Choose granola that is sugar-free, low-fat, or low-sugar.

4. Add nuts

Binge eating is a common reason behind gaining weight. So, replace unhealthy snacking with yoghurt with added dry fruits and nuts. They are rich in fiber, proteins, and antioxidants, which help boost the process of fat and calorie burning. In addition to making the yoghurt delightful, adding dry fruits like dates, walnuts, and others makes it filling as well.

5. Combine it with oats or quinoa

If granola isn’t your ideal fiber, you can try quinoa or oats, which have a good amount of protein, fiber, calcium, and healthy fat content with low glycemic indexes. Simply mix yogurt with oats or quinoa and eat.


Health-conscious people search for nutritious foods and healthy alternatives. Yogurt, being a versatile ingredient with added benefits, makes a great healthier substitute to achieve weight loss.

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