3 spices that can naturally fix bad headache



Sudden headaches can be unnerving and if you too have been experiencing the same, then you need to stop and read this!

Blame it on hectic life, erratic sleep cycle, excessive screen time or unhealthy eating habits, headaches can be a result of all these lifestyle issues and no wonder they are bad as hell.

Unfortunately, most people pop up pills to deal with sudden headaches, but what about the long term side effects?

Well, here are some age-old hacks made with spices, which can not only fix bad headaches, but also prevent them from happening frequently.

Read on to find out…

1. Cinnamon​

This common spice is extensively used in day-to-day cooking, but what if we tell you that just by introducing this woody spice to your drinks or tea or by simply applying it on the forehead, you can fix a bad headache. This may sound unbelievable, but this antioxidant rich spice helps in healing the nervous system with its potent medicinal properties and strong aroma.

Add a dash of cinnamon to your green tea to relieve the pain. You can also make a paste of cinnamon and water, apply it on the forehead and lie down/relax for 30 minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water. This provides an instant relief.

2. Ginger​

Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, a simple ginger tea or ginger juice can effectively heal a bad headache. Sipping on a warm ginger tea can reduce inflammation in the blood vessels caused due to headaches. In case of cold or fever induced headaches, you can make ginger pills by mixing ginger juice, blackpepper, lemon juice and adding it to hot water and taking steam. This also helps in unclogging the blocked nasal passage.

3. ​Cloves​

This common kitchen spice can also heal bad headaches. You can prepare a simple tea by brewing a tea with mint leaves and cloves. The strong blend can help in reducing inflammation in the blood vessels of the head and fix the pain. In case of a cold and cough based headache, take a cloth and place crushed cloves along with nigella seeds, tie the cloth and inhale the essence this will not only help in relieving congestion, but also fix sinus based headaches.

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