5 tips for cleaning wine glasses perfectly every time



Are you a wine lover? If yes, then this piece of information is for you.

Due to their intricate shape, wine glasses are quite fragile and often break while washing, leaving behind marks and stains.

Here’s the complete guide to cleaning wine glasses perfectly every time.

1. Hold it right​

As per experts, always hold the wine glass by the bowl. Next, add some warm water to it, and swirl it around. This will help remove the wine stain.

​2. Use a sponge​

Once the stains are gone. Pour dish soap on a sponge and gently run it inside and outside the wine glass. In cases where the opening of the glass is small, use the foam side of the kitchen brush. Once done, rinse the wine glass clean using lukewarm water.

3. Use white vinegar​

If the used wine glass is not washed immediately, it often leaves a dark stain, and even marks of lip balm and lipstick are hard to clean. For such stains, use white vinegar to clean the glass and remove all odour.

4. Dry it right​

Once the glass is cleaned, use a microfiber cloth to clean and dry the glass to prevent water spots and keep your glasses looking clear and shiny.

5.Polish the glass​

To polish the wine glass, always use a microfiber cloth, as towels are lint-free and don’t leave any marks or thread pieces.