Actor Sello Sebotsane joins “Scandal”


Actor Sello Sebotsane joins Scandal.

The star will pray prosecutor Serwalo — a corrupt prosecutor who will release Amo from jail, in the Etv soapie.

However, the news of the acting role bagged has triggered people who are aware of his record on being abusive, especially to his ex-wife, Shoki who is also an actress in the soapie.

@etvScandal I will never forget reading a magazine on this man’s alleged abuse. He would apparently buy a full chicken and eat it,once he was satisfied his wife and kids could have the leftovers. Abuse on another level,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Acting alongside his ex wife whom he allegedly abused,” another tweeted.

Phil Mphela who broke the news about Sello reported that the actor and his ex-wife won’t be at the location for the shooting of the TV drama at the same moment.

Been in touch with the channel and they telling me that Shoki Mmola, who is Sello Sebotsane’s ex wife, is not shooting at the moment. I guess that means they didn’t end up on the same set? Mmola joined the popular soapie recently as Pastor Prudence,” Phil tweeted.