Why you should say ‘I love you’ more often in relationships



Have you ever looked at someone while they are not paying attention to you, busy doing their own thing and say ‘I love you, I really do!’

Although, “I love you” is just a three word sentence but the value it holds, the message that it passes on can turn the tides, can save a collapsing relationship and stop someone, who has decided to walk away.

These three words have the power to make bonds stronger than ever.

How can just three words be so powerful, so enchanting, so calming and mean the world to some people. Yes, hearing ‘I love you’ can have an everlasting effect.

It so happens that couples in a long term relationship, often disregard the value of saying I love you and as a consequence, the crack in the bond is only natural.

The most common problem these days is that couples look for a reason to say I love you to each other while I love you is an expression of love and when you love somebody, you don’t need a reason to express your love for them.

1. Restores the faith in each other

Love indeed is a great feeling that you often fail to express. Yes, the sensation of tickle that you get when they look into your eyes, when they hold your hand but sometimes it takes more than just looking and holding hands. Couples usually know that they love each other but saying ‘I love you’ is a very small gesture that restores the faith in each other. It helps in reassurance. So, next time when you hold her hand, just say ‘I love you’ too and sweep her off her feet.

2. It will give her a sense of security

When you tell your partner you love them, it gives them a sense of security. No feeling is worse than the feel of not knowing where you stand, what place you hold in a person’s life. When you keep expressing your love for her or him, it makes him feel special and assured that you won’t leave and will be there for her or him.

3. There will be a future

Saying ‘I love you’ is giving a hope of a future, where you two will be together. There are no paths without any destination and saying ‘I love you’ makes it easy to think of a future together. By telling her that you love her, is letting her know that you picture a future with her.

4. You are working for a healthy relationship

When you say ‘I love you’, you make your other half smile and this is how you lay the foundation of a strong relationship. A relationship is healthy when you keep her/him telling how much you love her/him as a single ‘I love you’ breaks communication gaps.

5. Just because you love them

When you love someone, saying ‘I love you’ is like a ritual. These three words come out so naturally, like breathing. You just look at them and words escape your mouth, you have no control over it.


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