7 reasons why popcorn is a super healthy snack



Popcorn is a popular snack that is often overlooked.

While many people think it is junk food, how it is prepared determines whether it is healthy or not, like most other food.

Popcorn is a whole grain that is rich in fibre and is a powerful antioxidant. It reduces the chances of diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Keep reading to learn the correct way to make popcorn to enhance your health.

Benefits of eating popcorn:

1. High nutrient value

Popcorn is highly nutritious as it contains fibre, antioxidants, protein, folate, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, iron, and several vitamins. Air-popped popcorn with no oil added to it is a very healthy option.

2. Good snack for diabetics

Popcorn without added salt and flavour can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes that is generally high in people of middle-age. However, consuming too much popcorn can increase blood glucose in your body.

3. Helps with hypertension

Eating popcorn without adding salt or butter can help reduce the risk of hypertension. Popcorn lowers blood pressure or lowers the risk of high pressure. Popcorn also lowers the risk of heart disease due to the high amount of fibre present in them.

4. Maintains weight

Popcorn is low in calories and can prevent you from gaining weight. They can keep you fuller for longer and end your cravings without adding weight to your body. However, popcorn might lead to weight gain if you prepare it in an unhealthy manner. Don’t add too much butter and salt to it.

5. Rich in antioxidant

Popcorn contains polyphenols, an antioxidant that prevents the cell from free radical damage. Polyphenols also increase blood circulation, improve digestion and prevent many diseases. It may also reduce the chances of breast and prostate cancer.

6. Gluten-free

Popcorn is gluten-free and suitable for people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. While buying packaged popcorn, remember to read the ingredients that are present. Your popcorn should mention ‘wheat’ in its components. Also avoid buying flavoured popcorn.

7. Improves digestion

Popcorn improves digestion and promotes regular bowel movements in your body as it is rich in fibre. It has a high level of insoluble fibre that helps draw water to the bowels and allows it to pass quickly. However, consuming popcorn in moderate amounts as eating it in excess can cause constipation.

Can you eat popcorn every day?

You can eat popcorn every day only if it is air popped and not topped with high amounts of salt, sugar, or fats. Popcorn is a healthy snack that can be eaten even on a diet. People with diabetes and compromised heart health should only eat plain popcorn. Consuming popcorn with high amount of fat can affect your health.

How to make healthy popcorn: Recipe

Air-popped popcorn is the healthiest option, while microwave and movie popcorn is less healthy. You can use coconut or olive oil for popping your popcorn instead of adding butter that is high in calories. Replace salt with parmesan cheese to add flavour to your popcorn.

Bottom line

If you want to maintain the nutritional content and not make popcorn unhealthy, you should avoid adding butter and salt. Eating plain popcorn is always the most suitable choice. You can use parmesan cheese or other seasonings to add some taste to your popcorn.

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