“Can’t he get a stylist?” Patrice Motsepe’s fashion sense mocked


Patrice Motsepe’s style mocked

South African businessman, Patrice Motsepe gets dragged over his fashion sense.

The billionaire is envied and highly celebrated on social media, however, it appears most people aren’t pleased with his style.

NaakMusiQ garnered the attention of people on Patrice after recently sharing a snap he took with him at an event.

The musician shared the photo on Instagram and followers instantly expressed their discontent in the billionaire’s outfit.

“Atleast drip advice to the billionaire,” a comment reads.

“Never mind the stylist, neh! Mara he can at least afford a tailor who can make clothes that fit him nicely, especially them trousers… He can definitely pick up a phone and ask Steve Harvey for some tips – he used to wear oversized clothes, but at least now he has improved, Motsepe can too,” reads another comment.

“ur niggah is rich buh he dresses like he coming or going!!!”

“Yah no Its true, rich people don’t care how they look .”

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