Prince Kaybee dragged for his comment on Brenda Fassie’s “Special Weekend”


Prince Kaybee gets dragged after giving his opinion on Brenda Fassie’s song, Special Weekend.

The musician is known to be outspoken and he decided to give out his truth which he knew would land him in trouble.

Taking to Twitter, the DJ said the late singer could have done better with the lyrics of the song as it has a great beat.

“On the song “Brenda Fassie – Weekend Special” the beat is the star of the show, Brenda’s writing could’ve have been better given how fire that bass is,” Kaybee wrote.

Twitter users bombarded Prince Kaybee’s tweet with explanations to prove him wrong.

“Sincerely disagree with you on this one bro. Those lyrics we perfect. In fact they’re so good, they made that song popular even with the housewives. “You don’t the time, to see me in the week…. But Friday night yes I know, I know I must ready for you. I’m no weekend special”.

“Generally in a song you’d have one dominant aspect, be it lyrics (singer) > instruments or instruments > lyrics. For me she did strike the balance and gave the bass a chance to shine as it should… I think she did justice to a song,” another tweep wrote.

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