Gigi Lamayne buys new car (Photos)


Gigi Lamayne expresses gratitude for buying a new car.

The new whip will aid her movement for gigs as she acquired a black bus.

She thanked the ancestors and motivated her followers using Moses’ story.

“Gig guide filled up. The team finna pull up. Thank God for the energy. Thank God for the resilience. Thank God for idlozi. Without spirit I’d be nothing. Even when we don’t see it. No matter what the struggle, spirit is always working. I’ve learned to focus on results. On vision. On purpose, because the past few months have proven to us that life is not assured neither is it permanent. Go hard for your people. Keep climbing.”

“It took Moses a while to get to the promised land. It’s never ever too late. And remember as you climb, good energies form to protect you whilst bad energies (some closer than you think ) will form to distract you. Never Ever lose your focus,” she wrote.

See photo of the new car below:


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