According to a survey, TikTok is Gen Z’s favorite app and brand



Gen Zs are the reigning generation and include those born between 1997-2012.

This list reveals which brands Gen Z prefers significantly more than the general public using consumer preference data from Morning Consult, a company that offers insights and custom market research on what people think.

The disparity between Gen Z’s survey responses and the average of all U.S. adult respondents’ responses makes up the survey data.

TikTok is their favourite app as expected. The app that is usually used to make fun of older generations, vent, pass information, create mini vlogs, dance different choreography and do many outlandish things. In many ways that reflects Gen Z culture, TikTok has a 30-point advantage with the younger generation over other apps.

Gen Zers are the first generation to truly be “digital natives,” because they grew up with digital technology. Because of this, many of their preferred brands are either on social media platforms or digital brands. They also love anything that simplifies payments and doesn’t involve cash.

Here are their favorite apps and brands.

  1. TikTok
  2. Discord – an app for gamers to chat
  3. Snapchat – a chat and video-making app with different filters
  4. Instagram – a picture and video-sharing app
  5. Cash App – an app for sending and receiving money
  6. Spotify – a music and podcast listening app
  7. Shein – a cheap clothing brands
  8. Trolli – A mini sour gummy worms snack
  9. Twitch – An interactive gaming app
  10. Apple Pay – An app on iPhones for making payments.

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