Prince Kaybee slams tweep encouraging others to hate him


Prince Kaybee reacts to a tweep who preached hate.

“I can hate you deeply and still listen to your music, that’s how much I love music,” the Twitter user wrote.

In response to the tweet, Kaybee frowned as he believed the tweep is encouraging more people to hate him.

“Now the problem is that you are willing to publicly hate me to attract more people to hate but you don’t publicise the love for my music because you don’t wanna attract more people to like the music, ke boloyi chomi,” the DJ wrote.

Meanwhile, Prince Kaybee spoke about the need for artists to be self-controled.

“If you make a living as a musician you cannot explore free speech, you need to be neutral in everything because you will suddenly be less talented should you believe in something your fans dont like, but there are those who are beyond the music economy, the brave.”



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