“Winning has unleashed the beast in me” – BBTitans winner Khosi


Khosi Twala speaks about winning BBTitans 2023

Khosi Twala is excited about emerging the winner of the 2023 BBTitans.

The influencer got crowned on Sunday night making her the winner of the $100,000 (+ R1.7 million) grand prize.

Speaking to ZiMoja, Khosi talked about her stay in the house and how she had to be herself despite being hated.

“I loved every moment in the house, especially after I realised how some people did not like me and I decided to do me and live my life.”

“I just didn’t want to leave with a fake image of myself that I created in the house, and being myself is what made people love me.”  

“It made me realise that I am tougher than I thought and more capable than I ever imagined,” she says.

Reacting to the win, Twala says she can now dream bigger as she didn’t know she was this capable of achieveing such a milestone.

“I had big dreams but I didn’t think I was this capable. Winning affirmed that I got this and that the world is my oyster. I can go crazy and dream bigger. Winning has unleashed the beast in me,” she says.

Khosi says she doesn’t regret anything in the house, including the relationships.

“I was quick to realise my place in the house and how everyone felt about me. I am glad that I didn’t deceive myself and think it was something either than a game. It was clear that people were not happy that I got into the house while in a relationship and I got into another relationship. They were asking what is wrong with me. It made everyone question the type of person I am. I knew my place and I was able to do me. I thought If I am going down, I might as well go as myself.”

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