8 benefits of cooking with an air fryer



An air fryer is the latest kitchen appliance that promises to transform the way you cook.

It’s able to brown foods such as French fries and chicken using 70% to 80% less oil than a deep fryer.

Since it uses hot air instead of oil to fry food, it has been linked to numerous benefits ranging from health to costs.

However, many people are still wondering whether it’s hype or it’s a worthy investment.

After all, air fryers are not cheap so it’s necessary to ensure that you’re getting value for your money.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons you might consider getting an air fryer for your home.

1. Healthier meals

The air fryer came into the market at a time when people started being conscious about their diets. With the rising number of food-related diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity, a lifestyle change was needed. However, people could not resist fried food so the solution was to introduce an appliance that could fry food in a healthier way. As a result, air fryers soared in popularity since they use little to no oil thus reducing the amount of fat and calories in your food.

2. Easy to use

The reason many people order takeout is that they don’t have time to prepare meals at home. However, with an air fryer, you don’t have to worry about spending so much time preparing a meal. This is one of the easiest kitchen appliances to use. All you need to do is season your meat or chop your potatoes, then put them in the air fryer and set it to cook. It also cooks faster than a deep fryer thanks to its small and compact size.

3. Versatile

An air fryer is not limited to frying food only. You can cook almost anything with this appliance, from fried chicken to curries and desserts. If you don’t have an oven at home, you can still enjoy a wide variety of delicious, homemade pastries including small cakes, cookies and muffins. Or if you’re craving some roasted meat and you don’t have a grill, your air fryer is there to save the day.

4. Safer

Most serious home accidents happen in the kitchen since there are many objects that can lead to injury. According to research, more than 100,000 people in the US go to the hospital emergency room every year due to a scalding injury that happens in both the kitchen and the bathroom. By using an air fryer, you reduce the risk of spilling or splashing hot oil and injuring yourself making it safer than using a deep fryer.

5. Saves on cost

Air fryers are not only faster in cooking thus using less electricity but also they use less cooking oil saving you a lot of expenses. Cooking oil has always been expensive. However, the prices have increased in recent times causing people to economize on its usage.  An air fryer would be a great addition to the home at this time since you can prepare your meals using less oil.

6. Easy to clean

Washing greasy dishes can be a nightmare. This is usually the worst part about cooking fried food. However, when you cook with an air fryer, you won’t have to worry about the clean up after. Since it’s closed, there are fewer chances of food spillage. Additionally, there are no greasy pans to clean after cooking unlike cooking with a conventional deep fryer or cooker. Cleaning it is a breeze that you won’t mind having fried food every day.

7. Tasty meals

Whenever we hear less oil, we think of bland and tasteless food. After all, it’s the oil that gives fried food that delicious flavour, right? Not really. Air fryers also make finger-licking food. You can expect the same crunchiness and flavour you’d get from deep-fried food. In fact, some users have said that they prefer an air fried meal to a deep-fried meal.

8. Fewer odours

Another disadvantage of cooking with a deep fryer or traditional cooker is that the smell of smoke and hot air lingers in the air. With an air fryer, this is not a problem. Most of them come with air filters to remove the bad odour. So, you can enjoy your meal even while the air fryer is cooking something else without smelling anything.

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