3 times Nota proved to have a crush on Uncle Waffles


Nota Baloyi adores Uncle Waffles’ bo0bs

Nota Baloyi is a critic of women, but he appears to have a soft spot for Uncle Waffles despite facing divorce from his estranged wife, Berita.

Over the past months, Baloyi has mentioned the DJ in his conversations, especially about her music career.

However, Nota has grown from celebrating Waffles to adoring her bo0bs.

One of his earliest tweets about Uncle Waffles is that her brand is male-dominated.

Uncle Waffles is a male-dominated brand… She’s the only woman in the enterprise. Men make the beats, men sing the songs & men manage her business. That’s modern empowerment because women are jealous & only want to bring one another down. Women never empower women,” he wrote.

Nota further claimed the self-acclaimed international DJ is famously known alongside Black Coffee in New York, which he said is misleading.

“In New York, they only know Black Coffee & Uncle Waffles, Spotify need to stop putting up billboards for the photos & actually ensure they promote artists with traction. They’re misleading the South African public & it’s completely not on!”

The podcast presenter took his conversation to another niche as he speaks about the DJ’s bo0bs.

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