6 reasons why you should date a man who cooks



Men who cook for their partners have been called terms like sexy by women.

Maybe it is the hype given in movies for such men that makes them more appealing.

If you have dated a man who cooks then you know that there are certain advantages that they come with.

For a man, ridicule from other men or patriarchal attitudes might stop you from getting kitchen skills, but you should probably reconsider this.

If you are looking to enter the dating pool again, here are the reasons why you should consider dating a man who cooks.

1. He is confident in his masculinity

If your man cooks for you regularly then he has confidence in his masculinity. Despite thinking that we live in a progressive society, patriarchy still governs many relationships. Traditionally, cooking was seen as a task solely for the woman. However, with time more men have learnt how to cook. Some, however, refuse to cook once they start dating. Cooking is seen to be a feminine chore. Dating a man who cooks for you means he is comfortable with his masculinity. He doesn’t have to conform to traditional gender roles and norms to prove that he is the man. This confidence translates in other aspects too such as child care which makes the relationship easier.

2. He is more independent

A man who can go to the kitchen and prepare a meal is less needy. Today’s societal set up has men and women working for long hours to earn a living. Sometimes the man could have more time on his hands than the woman. Dating a man who cooks means that he doesn’t have to depend on the woman to prepare all the meals.

3. It can lead to a happier relationship

Studies show that couples who share house chores are generally happier. Sharing household chores without forcing them on one another makes the other person feel like a partner. Generally, such people are more satisfied with their relationship. As a result, the quality of their sex life is also high. Women in relationships where their men help with a good share of the household chores are more satisfied and happier.

4. Cooking shows love

Cooking for your significant other is a sign of love. For the man cooking for his partner, it gives him a sense of fulfilment. For the woman eating the meal prepared by the man, it symbolizes affection. Cooking creates a bonding moment and closeness between the couple.

5. It will save you money

If both of you take turns to cook then it’s easier to forego take-out meals which are generally more expensive. The sharing of cooking chores without creating a fuss means that you can both agree on meals that fit your budget. In circumstances where the woman primarily cooks, it’s easy for the man to be judgemental about the meals prepared. Further, the woman could also push for take-outs due to resentment from cooking. Either way, when both parties can cook then such decisions are easier.

6. Cooking is linked with creativity in your relationship

A man who cooks meals is more adventurous. These are the kind of men who are willing to try out new things. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a man who will try out new things? This adds spice to the relationship. Cooking also stimulates the mind to think of romantic meals and presentation. Often you’ll find that men who cook also suggest things such as picnics.

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