Kwesta reveals breaking news of AKA’s death to Yanga Chief


Kwesta revealed in a recent interview that he broke AKA’s death news to Yanga Chief.

The rapper said he called Chief to seek clarity about Kiernan AKA Forbes’ death when he realised that Yanga had not heard about the death.

Speaking on PopCast Podcast, the father-of-two said:

“The only other person I called after hearing about Kiernan [“AKA” Forbes] was Yanga and I wanted an explanation of sorts of ‘what do you know?’, and he just found out from me. Which is a terrible thing because when you [are] asking the questions you realise this person doesn’t know [what] the f*ck you’re talking about. Now you have to sort of treat the conversation differently. It immediately changes, because now you’re bearing this news.”

“Waking up to this reality daily is heavy to bear. So many conversations I wish had gone differently. The arrogance to think ‘we still have time’. Will we ever get over ourselves sisaphila? I’m beyond grateful for what we created, Forbes. Not just songs, not just memories, but we actually changed people’s lives.”

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