6 ways sugar is harming your skin!



Love desserts after a hearty meal?
Well, you are certainly not alone, almost everyone loves indulging in something sweet after eating something savoury but if you can’t do without sugar and sugar laden food then chances are you are unknowingly damaging your skin!
Don’t believe us? Here’s a look at five ways sugar could be harming your skin, specially your face.

1. Increases inflammation

So, according to science, the moment you eat something sugary – your body produces insulin. This happens to stabilize your blood sugar levels, but the moment insulin is released in the body, the body inflammation goes up and causes the skin to turn red. If you have pre-existing conditions like acne, eczema or rosacea then the inflammation could be a bigger problem.

2. Leads to breakouts

Too much sugar encourages acne, first by increasing skin inflammation, secondly it thwarts body’s white blood cells to fight off infection – making acne worse than ever.

3. Attacks collagen

After you have indulged in sugar laden food, the sugar inside your body attached to collagen protein leading to glycation. This process leads to creation of AGEs (advanced glycation end products) which attack body’s collagen thereby skin’s ability to fight wrinkles and age.

4. Flares up allergies

If you suffer from allergic reactions then sugar might be the reason for flare-ups that you face every now and then. If you suffer from allergies or eczema, you’ve probably realized on your own that sugar causes flare-ups. Also, if you suffer from food allergies, be extra cautious in consuming sugar as it might make your allergies worse.

5. Gives you a red face

Dermatologists across the world have warned against a ‘sugar face’. Well, that cute red face that you thought indicated towards a healthy glow is nothing but a sugar face caused by eating too much sugar and the ill effects it has on your skin.

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