Simphiwe Ngema admits visiting Thabo Bester, she explains why


Simphiwe Ngema visited Thabo Bester in prison

Simphiwe Ngema admits to visiting Thabo Bester in prison in April 2018.

The singer initially silenced the rumor after a journalist revealed that a famous celebrity and businesswoman paid a visit to the convicted rapist and murderer in prison.

In a now-deleted post, Simz admits to paying Thabo a visit and she further explained why.

“connected and portrayed himself to be in the entertainment industry” and that he had introduced himself to her and others as TK Motsepe. “He seemed well connected and was able to organise meetings and big events which I and many other public figures were booked for. Till this day I was never paid for some of the events that I was booked for by the 21st Century,” reads the statement.

The star’s revelation garnered her more criticism as it raised curiosity about her late husband, Dumi’s death, and other questioning.

However, she’s protected herself against negativity and critics by turning off her comments on social media.

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