5 bad habits your child may easily pick from you



As parents, we always want to teach our kids good habits that make them a sensible, responsible and well-behaved child.

However, actions speak louder than words and often your child will pick up their habits by observing you.

In doing this, they may end up also absorbing some of your not-so-good or bad habits.

Being a bit more aware of your behavior around your child may help you in avoiding teaching them these non-desirable traits.

Here are some common bad habits children tend to pick up from their parents.

1. Cursing​

Sure, you may not curse your child or at your family members. However, your child may still pick this bad habit from you by catching you cursing at someone on the phone or while driving or while watching something on the TV. You have to be extra cautious around your child as they pick up inappropriate words and end up using them at school, unaware of what they exactly mean and how and when they should be used, if ever.

2. Laziness​

There are many funny videos over the internet of a baby or toddler imitating their lazy dad on the couch or the bed. While hilarious, in reality, you have to ensure that you are not the not-showered, no-cooking, lazy type of person around your child as they will end up picking this vice from you.

3. Picking the nose​

Ok, everyone picks their nose. But this is unhygienic, technically you should do it in private and wash your hands after picking your nose. Kids can easily imitate such acts by seeing you do them, or any other unhygienic practices such as wiping your hands from your dress.

4. Smoking and drinking​

As your child grows up, in their preteens and teens, they might be interested in drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

A study found that teens whose parents have ever smoked are more likely to become smokers, even if their parents quit before they were born. The study followed 214 participants, starting in 1988 until 2011. Participants took annual surveys about their smoking habits. The researchers also surveyed 314 of their children (ages 11 and older) in 2011.

5. Gossiping and backbiting​

If you are constantly gossiping on the phone or with your neighbors about other people and talking negatively about them, there are great chances your child will pick this bad habit from you.

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