5 benefits of doing the ‘pillow talk’ with your partner



Pillow talk is a conversation that happens between the couple in the bedroom. These conversations can occur before or after sex physical intimacy.

Usually, in such loved up moments, both the partners feel comfortable in revealing their feelings openly and discussing their life together.

They feel a sense of divine connection and sense of being heard while having a quiet, alone time with their partner.

Consider these awesome benefits of pillow talk:

1. Higher relationship satisfaction

Practicing pillow talk may convert into higher overall satisfaction in your relationship. One may steal some moments to wind down after long stressful days right before dozing off to sleep or waking up. These simple moments can feel satisfying despite your typical hectic work routine. It’s about being comfortable under the covers with your loved one where you feel and share everything freely and vulnerably.

2. Increased intimacy

Pillow talk makes people feel a higher level of intimacy. Intimate pillow talk gives stage to the partners to be attentive and show affection. These moments can be used to reestablish their bond and spice up sensuality. When you cuddle with your partner, it increases the production of the ‘love hormone’, Oxytocin increases. It helps the couple to feel more connected and closer to each other.

3. Getting to know your partner

Partners get to know each other well through pillow talk. They tend to progress smoothly through the rough and mundane patches of their relationship when they know each other well. It isn’t the time when you discuss the menu for dinner. Perhaps, pillow talk entails what the other person means to you, how they’re an addition to your life and what do you wish for your future together.

4. ​Enhanced trust

Pillow talk is all about allowing and releasing vulnerability. It consists of baring it all without the fear of judgements and showing yourself authentically to your partner. Therefore, couples who spend more time talking to each other in bed show higher levels of trust.

5. Better sex life

Pillow talk and sex both happen in bed. There are changes that your conversations build up into a steamy sex sesh. The intimate exchanges with your partner can boost sex drive and your performance in bed. You’re more likely to hit the big ‘O’ when you’re emotionally satisfied. Start with complimenting your partner and appreciate their body and sexual acts. It is one way pillow talk can to lead to sex.

6. Better communication skills

Good pillow talk means sharing little details about each other without letting the topic from divulging to anyone else. These talks are something you wouldn’t openly say to your partner at any point of the day but when you’re in each other’s arms in your personal space. The bed represents a safe zone where partners often bare their emotional side without fear of rejection. This helps in making a deeper connection while developing better communication skills within the relationship.

7. Falling in love

The more time you spend having the loved up conversations, the more likely your feelings of desire will turn into comfort. Pillow talk offers a moment to appreciate and relive the moment you fell for each other. It’s like a throwback to the beginning of your relationship. Remembering that can help you recollect your love and ignite that lost spark. Who knows, you may get those butterflies all over again!

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