Londeka Sishi – “Pregnancy stopped me from killing myself”


Londeka Sishi reveals how she was suicidal before conceiving her baby.

“I remember that falling pregnant is the only thing that stopped me from killing myself. Before my daughter Liyana, who is now five years old, my life was not worth living,” she says.

“Apart from my child being my strength, I have also learned not to take things personally and get worked out by small things,” Sishi adds.

“There is also healing in praying and meditating especially when one feels overwhelmed by things. Growth also comes in different ways. In most cases, we turn to rush God’s process instead of believing in God’s word. I am a firm believer and am more optimistic and positive when it comes to life.”

Actress Sishi who stars in Showmax’s Adulting is happy about her life now.