Zari and Fantana continue fight after “Young Famous and Africa” S2


Zari Hassan and Fantana continue with their heated fight after giving us a glimpse into Young, Famous and African reality series.

Season 2 which was released last Friday revealed how the two fought due to Diamond Platnumz.

Zari sparked the feud again by posting a lengthy note to her baby daddy, whom she claims is obsessed with her.

“You get on a whole show that’s NOT scripted and lie about me. Lie about how I want kids with you, how I’m obsessed with you. Like who the f*ck are you for me, ZARI THE BOSS LADY to be obsessed.”

“You will forever be in my life because of the kids but not how I have been welcoming you. You are CANCELLED, and if you do not like it, let the court decide,” she wrote.

She revealed being married, and that the editors of the series cut out some parts in other to suit themselves.

“I am a whole married woman right now, and your sh*t did not sit well with my marriage. The show to only edit parts which suit them is absurd,” she said, adding that she made it clear that she is married and can not have any more kids with Diamond, but the part was edited out.

She also dragged the Ghanaian singer.

“I am a self-made billionaire, and I will not have your sperm bins (put me in a category I don’t belong) failed music career with 5 bbls, face like he/she, and still couldn’t get to be noticed.”

Fantana trolled Zari in response.

“Failed career? What did you accomplish when you were 25? You found access to an iPhone and bought internet and built a fake ass life, and let’s not forget about your sex tape since you think you’re better than everyone, & now you’re married to a high school boy.”

However, the two deleted the post.

See screenshots of the deleted post below:

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